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Ensuring your car or caravans electrics are maintained in great shape and operating all year is what we do best. Our auto electrician Rockingham crew are very commited and have a deep level of knowledge. Match this with our mobile auto electrician Rockingham services, and you have got just what you need! Don’t worry about bringing your car to a workshop and waiting for hours to diagnose it. You can simply have us come to your home, workplace or wherever you are. Repairing and getting customers’ vehicles back on the road is just what we enjoy. Therefore, judging by the quantity of jobs we’ve completed we are becoming very good at it!

Our fully equipped auto electrician Rockingham will reach you at your vehicle. Our crew always take pride in their workmanship. Therefore, they will arrange a complete and thorough examination and repair over a hurried job every time. From the constant and exceptional feedback we get from our usual clients, we can be certain that our service is just the right mobile sparky Rockingham service for you.


Take a look at some of our most popular services Auto Electrician Rockingham provides.

Mobile Auto Electrician Rockingham Services


Why Choose Auto Electrician Rockingham?

If you choose to work with Auto Electricians Mandurah, there are several advantages.

Everybody knows how significant our vehicles are, but often we take them for granted. Usually, we only realise how important they are when it’s broken down and we’re taking a taxi to work. If you don’t have a proper service routine in place or you don’t do the necessary checks on your vehicle, you can run yourself into some problems. Going into the car on the way to your workplace and turning the key only to hear some stutters and no motor engaging is a horrifying event!

This is where our skilled mobile auto electrician Rockingham services benefit you! Leave all the messy and mechanical stuff to our Mobile auto electric staff, and they will get your car back on the road in no time. Our professionals will keep its electrics in a tremendous and advantageous state for many more years ahead. So go ahead and give our auto electrical team and request a FREE no-obligation quote today.

You may think a Mobile Auto Electrician will just change your car batteries or jump start your car. But in reality, we can do a range of service-related items such as:

  • Re-wiring your car, boat, caravan or camper trailer
  • Full electrical examination
  • Stereo fitting
  • Installing gauges or switches
  • Setting up fridges and dual battery systems
  • Wire in your trailer connection
  • Diagnostic examination
  • Installing LED lighting into boat trailers
  • The list goes on! 

We do fantastic work and all at astounding prices, we know you will be happy you picked ZAP Auto Electrician Mandurah.

Auto Electrician Rockingham

Auto Electrical Common Problems

We have performed many kinds of Auto Electrical work for a long time, we have noticed that some of our most common service repairs are:
Car Battery Replace and Install

One of our most obvious call outs are to do with battery’s. Usually, it can begin with a single battery checkup and turn into a full investigation on the electrical system. However, It’s usually just a battery replacement or a call-out to jump-start a worn-out battery. At times, we find a lifeless battery can be a sign of other electrical elements breaking, which can damage your battery in the meanwhile. If you allow this to pass too many times, you can permanently destroy it and cut its life by up to 80%! So if your car battery is always going low; request a professional technician to get out there and solve the problem.

Alternator Repairs

Your alternator is amongst the major parts of your motor. Without this, you wouldn’t be capable to run all of your electrical elements or even start your car! It’s essential to have your alternator examined by a professional Auto Electrician Rockingham when experiencing electrical problems. Having flat battery problems always, no matter how many you put in your car, a defective alternator will empty them all. Our professional and fully equipped technicians have handled many alternators and will know if it requires repairing or not. They can give you a fast and cost-effective quote over the phone, give us a call for your free quote.

Starter Motor Replacement

One of the most irritating things to go wrong is your starter motor. Simply because you have the energy and gas to start your engine, but you just can’t fire it up! Analysing a starter motor problem is usually quite simple and will only need a quick few questions to the client. Even though these motors do last for a very long duration; they can become faulty and will need replacement. Save yourself the burden and hassle of becoming broken down on the side of the road. When your car exhibits any of the traits of a faulty starter, give our fully certified auto sparky Rockingham a call so they can visit and inspect your problems and have your car back in A1 condition.

Electrical Analysis

Today’s cars have an extensive and intricate electrical system consisting of a large number of elements, and as a result there can be concerns that arise practically anywhere. That’s why it takes a professional Mobile Auto Electrician Rockingham that is fully certified in the maintenance and repair of electrical components. Therefore, they can correctly recognise and rectify any problems that appear. For example, you could find your vehicle or motorhome fails to start or even turn over; this could be a mere starter motor problem or it could be something more severe and more profound in your wiring system. 

Another obvious sign of electrical issues is constantly blowing fuses; these guard your wires from burning out and causing significant dilemmas. Therefore, if they e always blowing, it is a definite indication that you have a significant electrical issue. Give us a call immediately for a complete and thorough inspection by our qualified auto electricians.

Mobile Auto Electrician Rockingham

Auto Electrician Rockingham

Each car, campervan, motorhome and trailer contains a complex system of wires that connect all the electrical elements together.

Very minor problems can cause a snowball effect of electrical failures. Therefore these can range from a little electrical short within the wiring harness to a remarkably challenging to find electrical short. A problem like this requires many hours of investigation and disassembly. Sometimes the protection systems in place can fail. This can create large wiring ‘burn outs’ where the cables take on too much current and begin to get very hot, leading to melting the plastic around the wire. If you suspect any wiring faults, its suggested you contact us right away to come out and do a decent inspection.

Auto Electrician Rockingham

Our Auto Electrician Rockingham will spare you the annoyance of taking your car down to the Rockingham car electrician and wait. Even worse, at times you cannot get your vehicle or motorhome to the workshop without a massive towing fee. Our Rockingham Auto sparky will come to your location and do all the tough work for you. our Rockingham auto electrician can analyse your car right there and then. They will use their vast knowledge to come up with the best plan of progress specific to your vehicle. If you want an excellent job at a fantastic price, you have come to the best place.

With Auto Electrical technicians located in Mandurah and Port Kennedy you can be sure were never far away in the entire Peel Region! Our experts use the best diagnostic tools to examine your vehicle and identify any auto electrical issues. Only the right testing procedures will guarantee that the root of the problem is discovered and corrected, so when we fix it, we do so the first time!

Car Air Conditioning Mandurah

Auto Air Conditioning Mandurah

Our Highly experienced Tradesmen have over 20 years experience between them when it comes to auto electrical Rockingham services. 

When diagnosing and fixing your electrical defects, our specialists will do it with professionalism and diligence, backed with years of industry earned experience you can trust the team here at auto electrician Rockingham

We will get you back on the road sooner than other Auto Electricians in Rockingham.

  • Auto Electrical Repairs and Diagnostics
  • Batteries for Cars, 4WD, caravans & RVs
  • Wiring Repairs and Rewiring of All Vehicles and Cars
  • Diagnose and Replace Alternators and Starter Motors
  • Reversing Cameras and Sensors, Curse Controls
  • Car Audio & Sound System Installations

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